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    The foil is used in the coupling lines for the production of multilayer coupled products and polylaminate aluminium (duplex or triplex).

    All the products that Yupro Italia is able to supply are made on the basis of customer specifications -such as the thickness, the order of layers, the width of the coil, surface treatments, colours, etc.

    Furthermore, you can also add a layer of fiberglass mesh between the aluminium and the plastic or on the top of one of them and a glue which can be both customized.

    The fields of application of the products that Yupro Italia is able to supply are multiple, including adhesive tapes, flexible packaging, thermo-acoustic insulation products, heat exchangers, telecommunications, automotive, food & beverage and pharmaceutical and others. All treated material complies with European standards.

    Below are some examples of the structures available:


    Aluminium has good thermal conductivity and, combined with polyethylene terephthalate which acts as an insulator, is well suited as a support for thermal insulation material. Furthermore, ALU/PET material is well suited for the production of adhesive tapes and flexible ducts.

    ALU/PET with fibreglass

    The aluminium/polyethylene terephthalate material combined with fibreglass allows the physical and mechanical performace of the combination to be improved, including the thermo-acoustic insulation properties.


    By virtue of the excellent resistance to chemical agents and the low friction coefficient, polyethylene combines with aluminium, which in turn has excellent non-stick properties, for the production of flexible packaging (both food and non-food) and products of the pharmaceutical sector.


    By reason of good food preservation and protection properties due to its barrier effect, aluminium is well suited for flexible and food packaging. The aluminium is joined with a PE film which acts as a glue and allows it to bond effectively with the paper.


    The aluminium/polyethylene coupled material is used in the production of capsules for bottles of sparkling wine, cider and others.


    Aluminium provides good conductivity and great electromagnetic insulation, while PET provides electrical insulation and high mechanical strenght. It is applied in communication and electrical conduction cables.


    Aluminium provides a good barrier against UV rays, gases, humidity and aromas, consequently this multi-layer material is used mainly for food packaging with different formats -such as pouches and vertical bags-, as well as in the shielding of household appliances.


    The fields of applications mentioned above are to be considered just some examples. All the products mentioned are customizable on the basis of customer needs and fields of application.